Chiara Vinci sings “The Falcon to the Falconer”

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I am delighted to announce that soprano Chiara Vinci will be performing my song “The Falcon to the Falconer” together with Evelyn Nallen’s recorder ensemble Zero Gravity at Clare Hall, Cambridge, on Sunday 26 June. “The Falcon to the Falconer” has been set to music several times, and is to appear on a forthcoming album by Stuart Negus. Chiara will be performing my own arrangement, reworked for Zero Gravity by Evelyn. Evelyn will be joined for the concert by BBC Young Musician Concerto Finalists Charlotte Barbour-Condini and Sophie Westbrooke (recorders), Barbara Law (recorders), David Gordon (piano), Derek Scurll (percussion) and Malcom Creese (double bass). My thanks in advance to Evelyn and Chiara for including this piece in their programme!



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