Falcon Editions Rebrands

Eight years after its original creation, the Falcon Editions corporate identity has been redeveloped. The new corporate identity comprises the name Falcon Editions in a Renaissance-inspired calligraphic script flanked by a red and a green box.

The red and green boxes are carried forward from the original Mondrianesque design of the first Falcon Editions website, which went live in 2005. That design combined a modernistic grid-based outer frame with large capital letters reminiscent of the illustrated capitals used in books of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The main page was white, allowing the text to stand out as clearly and calmly as possible.

The same values exist in the new corporate identity, which retains the white background and black text and references the artistry of earlier ages in the choice of font for the logotype. The complementary colours of red and green are likewise maintained, representing a desire to create balance and harmony through the acceptance of opposites.

The new corporate identity already appears on the short stories being published by Falcon Editions on Kindle. All other brand carriers will adopt it in the course of time.

Falcon Editions is the publishing company of Jonathan Steffen.

My thanks go to Sophie Kelly, Jodie Currey and Mark Austin, all of whom contributed to the original corporate identity as it evolved. The new version was developed exclusively by Mark Austin, to whom my special thanks are due.



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