Short Story: Old Boy Thierack is available on Kindle

Following the publication of The Panama Hat and The Search for the Great Albino on Kindle, Jonathan’s short story Old Boy Thierack is also available on Kindle now. This story first appeared in The London Magazine in 2002.


Old Boy Thierack tells the tale of Karlheinz Thierack, Professor of English Phonetics and Phonology at the University of Tübingen during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. A passionate anglophile, Thierack volunteers for the German army at the outbreak of the First World War in the hope of being able to interrogate British prisoners-of-war. His aim is to create a ground-breaking academic study of the speech patterns of the British Isles …


Just type ‘Jonathan Steffen’ into the search box in the online store on your Kindle and you will be taken to the link from which you can download his stories onto your device.

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