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Raw sky, thin grass, a naked cherry bough
Foretell the blossom that I hope to see –
Another springtime of this dying tree
Whose untold fruits have dropped where I stand now.

The Fox

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My soul is a fox with a hen in its maw
And the tingle of blood in its tooth and its claw

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Window on the World

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I am making a window on the world,
A stained-glass window through which to look at things.
It is very much my own creation,

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Take a butcher’s red by Goya
And an arctic blue by El Greco.
Gently fold in an agonised beige by Grunewald

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St. Francis in the Slaughter-House

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He left his sparrows waiting at the door
And entered like a draught, his bare feet treading

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Always the same old silence
And the same old,
Always different,
Northern light.

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Tuesday Poem: Old Timer

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You see me now as what I have become again:
Chromework like mercury

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“Safe Passage” by Sue Boyle reviewed by Jonathan Steffen

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In terms of the means of its production, poetry is one of the most economical of art forms. All you need is pen and paper.

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A Troubadour at Torbay

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Jonathan is very much looking forward to participating in this year’s Torbay Poetry Festival, whose theme is “Poetry and Music.”

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Road Atlas reviewed by Sue Boyle

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I am delighted that my poem Road Atlas is being considered in the final round of this year’s Bath Poetry Café competition.

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