The Search for the Great Albino available on Kindle

Following the publication of The Panama Hat on Kindle, Jonathan’s short story The Search for the Great Albino is also available on Kindle now. Previously published by the Heidelberg Review and Beat Magazine, The Search for the Great Albino recounts the rivalry of two 19th-century botanists bent on discovering a famously obscure species of orchid.


The existence of the Great Albino orchid had been reported by Sir Walter Raleigh during his voyage to the Orinoco in 1617. And yet no European orchid-lovers had ever seen it with their own eyes … The Search for the Great Albino describes the bitter battle between the Frenchman Guillaume Bésancourt and the German Hans-Joachim Lindenhof in their search for a flower whose discovery will give ultimate meaning to their existences.

The narrative draws on Jonathan’s work as the translator of Dr Karlheinz Senghas’ Orchids: Plants of Extremes, Contrasts, and Superlatives Dr K. Senghas (Paul Parey Verlag, Berlin 1993 [bilingual German/English edition]).

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Or, just type Jonathan Steffen into the search box in the online store on your Kindle and you will be taken to the link from which you can download his stories onto your device.



* The orchid image used in this news post is the Classic White Phalaenopsis Hybrid, whose popularity has helped to increase today’s worldwide demand for orchids.




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