Tuesday Poem: For You

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Time was when you and I would lie at night
As in our graves – a stone-faced, silent pair
Of effigies, the lady and her knight
Grown thin with all the years of shared care.

I was entombed, a warrior no more,
Enchained by all the vows I once had made;
No more the lover or the troubadour,
I thirsted for the songs I once had played.

And so I left you, as in many a song,
And played the knight to many a damsel fair
And wooed them with my words, some false, some true –

Until the nights of love grew just as long
And just as cold and just as short of air
And in my sleep I reached for you. For you.

By Jonathan Steffen

Photograph by Melanie Gow

Find more about the photograph which was created especially for this poem @ My Office Today

Music on the video for this poem is with the permission of, created and sung by Tallulah Rendall 

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For You appears in Exposure

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